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  1. Konica Minolta screw m4x4 00z194041

    Genuine Konica Brand Screw M4X4 00Z194041 ! Learn More
  2. Konica Minolta lever ret ring 00z670206

    PRO C500 bizhub PRO C5500 Genuine Konica Minolta 00Z670206 Lever Ret Ring ! Learn More
  3. Konica Minolta 059076510 pulley a for bizhub 600 601

    Genuine Konica Mionlta Part 059076510 ! Paper Feed Uses 2 Sold Each. Learn More
  4. Konica Minolta doc feeder registration driving roller 13qa40042 13qa40043

    Genuine Konica Minolta Brand Doc Feeder Registration Driving Roller 13QA40043 ! Learn More
  5. Konica Minolta claw carrige lock 25aa47500

    Genuine Konica Minolta Part ! Duplex Section Used 1 Sold Each Learn More
  6. Konica Minolta pulley wire 25aa50080

    Genuine Konica Minolta Part! Duplex Section Used 2 Sold Each ! Learn More
  7. Konica Minolta gear for bizhub 600 25aa77360

    Genuine Konica Minolta Brand Gear 25AA77360 ! Learn More
  8. Konica Minolta main fan motor 26na80512

    Genuine Konica Minolta Part ! Learn More
  9. Konica Minolta dc brushless motor 20 26wa80013

    DiscontinuedNo Longer Available
    Genuine Konica Minolta DC Brushless Motor 20 26WA80013 ! Learn More
  10. Konica Minolta toner supply spacer 40aa32320

    Genuine konica Minolta Part ! Intermediate Transfer Section used 2 Sold Each Learn More

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Konica Minolta 7272 Overview

Konica Minolta 7272 is an excellent option to cater the bulk printing needs in large organizations. Its 72-ppm speed is capable of completing massive tasks in short time span. Easy customization is another prominent feature of this machine and it can be upgraded to work as a printer and scanner to handle the complete documentation flow at a single place. It contains 4 drawers that can handle 3,500 sheets at a single time but you can also extend its limit up to 7,600 sheets with additional drawers.

Konica Minolta 7272 Optional Accessories:

Finishers: FS110, FS210, PZ109

Paper Supply: LT402, LT412

Punch Units: PK120, PK120A