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Bizhub 554E

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  1. Konica Minolta hinge a2xk163701

    Genuine Konica Minolta Hinge A2XK163701 Learn More
  2. Konica Minolta aps photoreflector a161m50a00

    Genuine konica Minolta Brand APS Photoreflector A161M50A00 ! Learn More
  3. Konica Minolta regulating plate a3cfpp5f03

    Genuine Konica Brand Regulating Plate A3CFPP5F03 ! Learn More
  4. Konica Minolta roller a143563100

    Genuine Konica Minolta Roller A143563100 Learn More
  5. Konica Minolta a3cepp6r00 clamp

    Genuine Konica Minolta Brand Clamp A3CEPP6R00 ! Learn More
  6. Konica Minolta roller a5c1562200

    Genuine Konica Minolta Roller A5C1562200 Learn More
  7. Konica Minolta a0ed274300 mirror

    Genuine Konica Minolta Mirror A0ED274300 ! Learn More
  8. Konica Minolta shoulder screw a0p0144300

    Genuine Konica Minolta Part! Duplex Section Used 2 Sold Each! Learn More
  9. Konica Minolta fusing unit a2xkr71033


    Part Number: A2XKR71033 , A2XKR71044

    Learn More
  10. Konica Minolta a161271100 bushing

    Genuine Konica Minolta Bushing A161271100 ! Learn More
  11. Konica Minolta image transfer kit a61dr70022

    bizhub 454E bizhub 554E Genuine Konica Minolta A61DR70000 Intermediate Image Transfer Kit ! Learn More
  12. Konica Minolta a161273800 mounting plate

    Genuine Konica Minolta Mounting Plate A161273800 ! Learn More

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Bizhub 554E

Konica Minolta Bizhub 554E Overview

Konica Minolta’s Bizhub 554E gives you the chance to be totally in control regarding your documents production. It has a colored touchscreen that is as easy to operate as a regular tablet. This machine is multi-functional as it prints and copies at the amazing speed of 55 ppm. Additionally, it scans Black and White and color images at the speed of 160 opm. If you want more flexibility and higher productivity, you can go for the optional four-line fax function and auto-finishing feature. The Bizhub 554E has maximum paper capacity of up to 6650 sheets, improved multi-touch interface, built-in Emperon system, large nine-inch color display, multi-touch functions (for drag, swipe, pinch, toggle and double-tap), transparent menus, soft keyboard, and customizable icons. Simply put, this is the one machine that you will ever need.

Konica Minolta Bizhub 554E Optional Accessories:

Document Feeder: DF701

Finishers: FS533, FS534, JS506, JS602, OT506, ZU606

Paper Supply: LU204, LU301, MK730, PC110, PC210, PC410, PI505

Punch Units: PK519, PK520, PK521