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Konica Brief Histroy:

A pharmacist named Rokusaburo Sugiura founded Konica in 1873. At that time, Konica was the manufacturer of film, cameras, camera accessories, photo processing equipment, photocopiers, fax machines, and laser printers. The Company expanded its product range with the passage of time and got a tremendous success in the photography domain. From 1873 to 1902, Konica was only the dealer of photography related materials, but in 1902 Konica introduced its first end user camera that was named as “ Cherry portable camera” after that company began its journey and started to produce a wide range of cameras that were of the excellent quality of that time.

Konica along with the production of cameras also kept working on camera accessories to improve the performance. The SLR interchangeable lenses of Konica were named as Hexanon. The range of the lenses and their performance was the ideal for all other companies. Japanese Government officially selected the Hexanon lenses as standard, while other lenses were measured according to them.

Los Angeles county and Konica signed an agreement in 1990 according to which Konica will provide the copiers to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Konica firstly got an order of 250 copiers that forced the Company to pay attention to this specific domain and leave the rest tasks for others.

On 5th August 2003 Konica and Minolta signed an agreement through which they merged their operations and specifically focused on the production of copiers and related items. In 2006, Konica closed its photo imaging division that was producing color paper, color film, and photo chemicals at that time. Sony acquired the digital SLR section of Konica while Dai Nippon purchased the Konica site and continues producing paper under its own brand name. The chemical factory of Konica was purchased by Seapac and since then Konica Minolta is a focused company for the manufacturing of photocopiers, printers, and related products.

Konica Products and Services:

Konica served the world with its innovative cameras, camera accessories, lenses, copiers, fax machines, laser printers and photoprocessing equipment. The Company introduced the widest range of 35mm rangefinder and viewfinder cameras, F mount SLR, AR-mount SLR, and lenses. These products transform the vision of the world about the digital photography and hence the Japanese Government selected Konica products as standard to check the quality of other companies.

Konica Copier Parts and Supplies:

High build quality, optimum performance and user friendly interface are some of the core features due to which the professionals are still using the photocopiers of Konica. The Konica copiers are reliable and offer higher quality outputs due to which they are still in the market. Discount copier center carries the complete range of toner cartridges and copier parts that keep your Konica copier functional for a much longer time at the optimum pace. We have the genuine parts and supplies as well as high quality compatible toners and parts for Konica copiers so you have the options to choose the best one as per your desires. We offer 90 days guarantee on all genuine toners while you are protected with out 1 year flat guarantee on all compatible toner and parts so you can shop here confidently and all our products will surely serve you for a much longer time. The Lowest price and high quality are the core feature of the Discount copier center that distinguish us from all other suppliers. We offer all the Konica toner cartridges and copier parts at the lowest price without compromising on quality. Explore our store to find the required product at the lowest price.