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Kyocera Mita

Kyocera Mita Brief History:

Kyocera group is a multinational Japanese Company that is manufacturing a wide range of products to fulfill the needs of its customers around the globe in different domains. Kyocera group is currently offering its high-end products in the domain of the ceramics industry, solar power generating systems, telecommunication equipment, office document imaging equipment, electronic component, semiconductor packages, cutting tools, and components for medical and dental implant systems. Kyocera group was founded in 1959 by Kazuo Inamori with the name of a Kyoto ceramic company limited which was again renamed in 1982 and then it was branded as Kyocera Corporation. Gradually, the Company acquired many more companies and widen its product range.

Though initially, the main product of the company was a ceramic insulator, for the use of the television picture, but it soon got influenced by the developing technology and started manufacturing electronic devices and components as well. The expanding range of electronic device attained the major recognition for the company.

One of the major acquisitions of Kyocera took place in the year 1979 when the company acquired Cabernet Electronics Corporation. This acquisition was in the form of an investment, but soon Cabernet merged into Kyocera Corporation, for its own good. Next acquisition turned out to be of Yeshiva Company, after which Kyocera introduced its first portable, battery operated laptop.

The most marked acquisitions of Kyocera Corporation were in the year 2000 when the company acquired photocopier manufacturer Mita Industrial Company and turned it into the Kyocera Mita Corporation, which was later renamed as a Kyocera Document Solutions Corporation. This company was headquartered in Japan with over 25 subsidiaries in different nations. The Kyocera Document Solutions Corporation produces an extensive range of printers and MFPs. And toner cartridges which have a high demand throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, America, and Australia. In late 2010, Company used the named of Kyocera Mita for the branding of its products.

Kyocera Mita Products and Services:

Kyocera Mita is one of the best providers of computer-connectable document imaging and document management systems, which includes a wide range of laser printers, digital laser facsimiles, network-ready digital MFPs and printers and wide format imaging solutions. Kyocera group launched a core company Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. for all the document solutions. The company has also made a mark in manufacturing a range of ceramics, telecommunication equipment, and solar power generating systems, electronic components, semiconductor packages and even cutting tools.

The range of products provided by Kyocera Mita is highly useful in optimizing businesses and providing the best office equipments. With the devices produced by the company, digital imaging has become a lot more simplified and easy. The copiers offered by Kyocera Mita are extensively tested for several months so that they deliver the best of their performance and prove to be an asset to the owner. The company, through its products has gained a lot of reliability and credibility. The core aim of the company is to provide with the best document solution products so that the end user is satisfied.

Due to this dedication, Kyocera Mita has won a number of business awards, proving to be the leaders in the market. Recognized for its crisp quality, the products offered by Kyocera are a boon for a number of businesses.

Kyocera Mita Copier Parts and Supplies:

Kyocera Mita copiers are the favorite of professionals who need high-quality prints regularly. This high-end performance is the major feature due to which Kyocera Mita copiers are being used in small to large organizations. When it comes to the maintenance or toner cartridge replacement of these copiers then Discount copier center is the best choice to get all parts and supplies for these copiers at the discounted price. Discount copier center is the one stop solution to get toner cartridges, imaging units, drums, maintenance kits and all other Kyocera Mita copier parts of all models easily. We carry the widest range of Kyocera Mita copier parts so our customers could easily find their required product. Our store offers the genuine products as well as the compatible ones so our customers have the maximum options. All our listed products pass a series of stringent quality assurance tests that enable us to offer the highest quality products while we have the largest market share that enables us to sell the products at the lowest price. Explore our store now to get the required product for your Kyocera Mita copier at the best price in the market.