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Lanier Brief History:

Lanier was founded by Hicks, Sartain, and Thomas Lanier in 1934 and at that time its headquarter was in N Ashville, Tennessee to serve as the southeastern distributor of Ediphone. After some years they started manufacturing their own dictation machines and their business was growing at a rapid pace, but it’s progress was then interrupted by World war 2. After some struggle in the apparel industry, Lanier focused on the copier field in 1955. The Company embraced the latest technology and offered a wide range of high end performance copiers.

In 2001, Lanier brand was acquired by Ricoh company and they joined their forces to offer the most advanced document solutions for business. This merger enables them to become the number 1 manufacturer of office automation. Now this company has over 100,000 employees and is serving the whole globe with its amazing products and copier machines.

Lanier offered a wide range of printers, copiers, projectors, facsimile and document solutions. All the products that they offer enhanced productivity and serve their customers the efficiency at its peak. Whether you are an individual user, a part of a small work group, working in some huge organization or going to serve in a high volume production environment, the product line that Lanier offers are perfect for meeting the ever-rising needs of each of these places. The brand Lanier has now integrated with Ricoh, and now the products and services will be offered under the Ricoh brand.

Lanier Products and Services:

Lanier has brought to you an extensive range of office equipment that you can employ to reap plethora of benefits. This includes the black and white digital multifunction products, digital duplicators, network laser printers (both colored and black & white), facsimile products and a number of formatting products. Brief introduction of their product range is given hereunder.

B&W Multifunction Systems: For a simplified working environment, you can certainly rely on Lanier Black & White Multifunction systems. It comprises of a wide range of document processing options from a single location. A single system can serve the functions of scanning, copying, printing and faxing, eradicating the requirement of different machines for each purpose.

Color Multifunction Systems: For getting full color documents and graphics, you can choose from the various models of color multifunction systems. Whether it is your annual project report or employee bulletin, these systems offer high output quality, with highly maintained reliability and simplicity.

Printers: The search for reliability, ease of use and high quality print can be outstandingly met with the Lanier’s print systems. These are ideal for meeting varying needs of work groups or small business.

Digital Duplicators: The apt solution for communicating the idea of lesser price than a black and white copier is the use of Lanier's Digital Duplicators that offers several features and publishing conveniences like computer connectivity and color capabilities. Suitable for delivering effective service in businesses, schools or in any organization where longer print runs are an everyday scene.

Facsimile: Lanier’s feature-rich facsimiles offer convenience copying. They associate multifunctional units that are capable of IP internet faxing and scan to email. All the models of Facsimile are featured at affordable prices.

Wide Format: For low to medium volume users, Lanier offers a full range of analog and digital wide format solutions that delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Lanier Copier Parts and Supplies:

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