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Minolta Brief History:

Nichi Doku Shashinki found Minolta in 1928 and this Company was a manufacturer of camera, camera accessories, photocopiers and fax machines. It was headquartered in Osaka, Japan and was dedicated to serve the whole world. The invention of 35mm autofocus SLR camera in 1929 was the most successful product of this company and it took its profile to new heights. This camera remains in the market till 1947 as the favorite camera for the professionals. In 1947, Minolta introduced the first 35mm rangefinder camera with the name of Minolta 35. It has also become successful due to its high end performance and top build quality.

An American corporation named Honeywell filed lawsuit against Minolta for patent infringement over autofocus technologies. Minolta’s autofocus design was found to infringe on the patents of Honeywell, so in 1991 the court ordered Minolta to pay Honeywell damages, penalties, trial cost and other expenses which total sum up to the amount of $127.6 million. However Minolta settles this dispute with Honey well out of court in 1992. The Company changes its name to Minoolta corporation limited as it had expanded its operations in more products along with the cameras.

In 2003, company face-lifted its last camera with the name of DIMAGE A1 that was the world’s first camera equipped with sensor based anti shake feature. In 2004 company merges its operation with the Konica and form a company with the name of Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. Minolta announces a joint venture with Sony on CCD and CMOS technologies while in 2006 it completely handed over the business of film and digital camera production to Sony and hence the history of a camera manufacturer ended after 78 years.   

Minolta Products and Services:

Minolta added value in the digital imaging technology and offered a wide range of cameras, photocopiers, and fax machines. Its products are unique due to their performance and eco-friendly operations. All the photocopiers and fax machines manufactured by Minolta are durable and till date many offices are using them to meet their needs.

Minolta Copier Parts and Supplies:

As Minolta stopped the production of its machines more than a decade ago, so their parts and supplies are not easily accessible in the market but the durability of these machines is still intact. If any specific part of your machine is out of order then you have no need to dig the market as we have collected and well organized all the parts and supplies for Minolta copiers. You need a regular toner replacement or looking to replace any old part of your Minolta copier, this platform is best to get all. We have the full range of Minolta copier parts and supplies and you can get them here at the lowest cost. We offer 90 days guarantee on all genuine toners while the compatible Minolta toner cartridges are entitled to our 1 year guarantee so you could shop here confidently.