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Oce/Imagistics Brief History:

A chemist named Lodewijk van der Grinten founded Oce/Imagistics in 1877 with the aim to manufacture machines to color the butter and margarine. Company started its journey as a supplier of these coloring to the farmers and margarine factories of Jurgens and Van den Bergh. In 1930, these factories were merged with some other to make a brand with the name of Unilever but they relied on the Oce/Imagistics company for their margarine coloring till 1972.

In 1919, the grandson of Lodewijk became more interested in the blueprint process that was being used for producing large technical drawings. At that time the blue print was very sensitive and it was ruined in a short time, Louis developed a special coating for this problem and introduced the blue prints that could be stored for more than 1 year. This was a milestone in the history of the company and it started its journey to provide document solutions.

After a long research and development phase, Company introduced its first plain paper copier Oce 1700 in 1973 and it uses a zigzag folded master belt for printing rather than a drum and company named this technology as “Copy Press” and this technology was also applied for wide format printing. Its better performance makes it a successful venture for the company and hence added a significant value to the company revenue.

In 2009, Oce and Canon reached a conditional agreement to combine their printing activities while in 2010 it was declared that the agreement is unconditional now and Canon & Oce/Imagistics have joined their forces completely.

Oce/Imagistics Products and Services:

The products of Oce/Imagistics are divided into three sections:

  1. Large Format Printers
  2. Production Printing
  3. Office Printers

Oce/Imagistics offers a wide range of large format printers that are specially designed to print high quality CAD/GIS files. These professional machines produce high definition large prints for official use. The production printing category of Oce/Imagistics contains a range of copiers that are designed for large organizations to complete their massive printing tasks. Digital presses included in this category offers high quality prints at a fast pace. The regular multifunction printers are added in the third category of office printers, these multifunction machines offer the services to meet the needs of the day to day operations of most offices.

Oce/Imagistics Copier Parts and Supplies:

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