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Bizhub 368

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  1. Konica Minolta lable a7pu940100

    Genuine Konica Minolta Lable A7PU940100 bizhub C368 Learn More
  2. Konica Minolta black developing unit dv 313k

    Bizhub C258 C308 C368 Genuine Konica Minolta DV-313K Black Developing Unit ! Learn More
  3. Konica Minolta a0ed271200 mirror

    Genuine Konica Minolta Mirror A0ED271200 ! Learn More
  4. Konica Minolta a161271000 bushing

    Genuine Konica Minolta Bushing A161271000 ! Learn More
  5. Konica Minolta a161273701 mounting plate

    Genuine Konica Minolta Mounting Plate A161273701 ! Learn More
  6. Konica Minolta toner cartridge tn 325

    Genuine Konica Minolta Black Toner Cartridge TN-325 Learn More
  7. Konica Minolta mk742 fax mount kit

    Genuine Konica Brand Fax Mount Kit Mk742 ! Learn More
  8. Konica Minolta a0ed274300 mirror

    Genuine Konica Minolta Mirror A0ED274300 ! Learn More
  9. Konica Minolta a161271000 bushing

    Genuine Konica Minolta Mounting Plate A161273401 ! Learn More
  10. Konica Minolta a161274600 adjusting screw

    Genuine Konica Minolta Adjusting Screw A161274600 Learn More
  11. Konica Minolta black drum unit dr 313k

    Bizhub C258 C368 C308 Genuine Konica Minolta DR-313K Black Drum Unit ! Learn More
  12. Konica Minolta a0ed271300 plate spring

    Genuine Konica Minolta Plate spring A0ED271300 ! Learn More
  13. Konica Minolta a161271100 bushing

    Genuine Konica Minolta Bushing A161271100 ! Learn More
  14. Konica Minolta a161273800 mounting plate

    Genuine Konica Minolta Mounting Plate A161273800 ! Learn More
  15. Konica Minolta bushing a00j617900

    Genuine Konica Minolta Bushing A00J617900 Learn More

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Bizhub 368

Konica Minolta Bizhub 368 Overview

Konica Minolta Bizhub 368 is an impressive copier that offers a generous monthly duty cycle of 175,000 impressions that is ideal for large companies to handle their growing printing needs. Bizhub 368 is a multifunction copier that is capable to perform the functions of a copier, scanner, and printer right out of the box that makes it a one-stop solution to meet your all document production needs. To extend the functionality of Bizhub 368, you can also add a fax kit in this copier. Bizhub 368 is a flexible copier that can be customized as per the needs of the company, you can add a number of finishers and paper supply drawers to improve the functionality of this copier. Konica Minolta equipped Bizhub 368 with a fast processor that offers you a fast printing speed of 36 pages per minute while the resolution remains same at 1200 X 1200 DPI for all documents that keeps the print quality maintained.

Konica Minolta Bizhub 368 Optional Accessories:

Document Feeder: DF629, DF704

Finishers: FS533, FS536, JS506

Paper Supply: LU302, MK730, PC110, PC210, PC410

Punch Units: PK519, PK520