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Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Brief History:

Konica Minolta is a Japanese technology giant that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and serves the whole world with its 49 offices. Company specializes in providing industrial imaging products, copiers, laser printers and digital print systems to meet the document handling requirements of large organizations. Konica Minolta was actually formed by the merger of two Companies namely Konica and Minolta on 7th Jan, 2003 while the complete reorganization was completed after 10 months in October 2003 and then Konica Minolta only focused on the production of copiers and printers, this sole dedication earned this company the status of number 1 copier manufacturer of the world.  

Till date, Konica Minolta has offered a wide range of laser printers, copiers and graphic imaging products. The company provides a range of copiers for various sizes of workforces and hence tackles the needs of every setups. Konica Minolta earned a special position as it offers multifunctional devices that could easily perform scanning, printing and fax functions. Hence the devices from the house of Konica Minolta are capable to handle different tasks simultaneously from their single platform without the need of any other machine.

Though the company is quite popular for providing an extensive range of high-performance copiers and printers, it was initially not manufacturing copiers. In fact Konica and Minolta who were both selling SLR cameras.  Both of the companies decided to merge and became Konica Minolta, they thought of manufacturing new products. Copiers were what that had struck them and gradually they turned into world leaders in the copier industry. However, before copiers, they even made a mark in the digital photography market by offering an extensive range of digital print and shoot cameras.

Konica Minolta Products and Services:

Konica and Minolta after the merger decided to manufacture copiers and printers together and soon they launched a series of copiers with the  name of ‘Bizhub’. Bizhub included copiers for the needs of almost every individual. Be it a corporate or a private firm with small workforce, the copiers of this range was high-performance based and cost effective. They also made sure that the machine is provided with the best accessories and coupled with the best toners, which was again produced by Konica Minolta.

Konica Minolta is well aware of the fact that the copiers should be compact enough to fit in the corners and tables of work spaces. They designed the copiers in such a way, that the only a premium amount of space is used by the copiers and yet they fit the needs of the offices very effectively. The range of multi-functional copiers by Konica Minolta took the company to a new height and since then they have been the most preferred choice when it comes to copiers.

Konica Minolta Copier Parts and Supplies:

Since 2003, Konica Minolta has introduced a number of durable copiers that are still being managing the document needs of most offices. Discount copier center offers the full range of Konica Minolta copier parts and supplies including imaging units, drums, toner cartridges, maintenance kits and all other parts that ensure to keep the copier machine functionality up to the mark to meet or even exceed your expectations. Our store carries the genuine and compatible toner cartridges and Konica Minolta copier parts that make the service of these copiers much easier. Just explore our store to find the required product and make your decision to choose the original or compatible product as we offer maximum options for our valued customers. Add the required Konica Minolta product into your cart and proceed to fill the one pager form and here you are done, your product will be shipped at the given address in a short time. Place your order now to enjoy our superior services.